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If you want to target expats, would-be expats, budget travellers, backpackers or gap-year students and would like to enhance your website or brand awareness, partnering with Spain For Pleasure is right for you.

Spain For Pleasure is an expat blog geared towards promoting and celebrating expat life in Spain and in general. I share my own stories, adventures, opinions on Spanish culture, tips on travel, foreign language immersion, teaching English as a foreign language and life as an expat.

Si quiere expandir el alcance de su marca o de su página web y llegar a emigrantes, personas que están pensando en emigrar, mochileros o estudiantes de año sabático, formar equipo con Spain For Pleasure es una buena elección.

Spain For Pleasure es un blog para emigrantes dirigido a la promoción y celebración de la vida como emigrante en general y concretamente en España. Comparto mis propias experiencias, aventuras y opiniones sobre la cultura española, así como consejos de viaje, sobre inmersión en lenguas extranjeras, la enseñaza del inglés como lengua extranjera y la vida de un extranjero o, como dicen los españoles, un ‘guiri’.

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Me at the Alhambra Palace, Granada

How You Can Benefit…

By working with Spain For Pleasure, you are reaching two types of audiences:

  1. Those who regularly visit the site and are therefore already engaged in the content and keen to read more.
  2. Those who arrive through search engine referrals and therefore have a very high level of interest in the topic they are researching.

While readership figures for many print publications keep on falling, audience figures for blogs and social media are growing rapidly. Bloggers build audiences and earn their trust; print publications cannot engage their audience personally in this way.

“Advice from a trusted blogger is like advice from a trusted friend”

¿Qué beneficios tiene para usted?

Al trabajar con Spain For Pleasure, llegará a dos tipos de audiencias:

1. Los que visitan el blog a menudo, fieles seguidores de los contenidos y atentos a todas las novedades.

2. Los que llegan a través un buscador de modo que ya tienen un gran interés en el tema sobre el que están investigando.

Mientras el número de lectores de publicaciones impresas sigue cayendo, la audiencia de los blogs y redes sociales está creciendo rápidamente. Los bloggers crean sus propias audiencias y se ganan su confianza; las publicaciones impresas no pueden impactar en su audiencia de la misma forma.

“El consejo de un blogger de confianza es como el consejo de un amigo de confianza”

sierra nevada, spain, granada, españa

Me at The Sierra Nevada, Granada

*July 2016

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15,000+ monthly visitors

20,000+ monthly pageviews

1250+ Twitter Followers

751 Facebook Followers

RSS & Email: 235

Google PR: 3

Press Trips and Affiliate Partnerships

Working with bloggers is a creative way to deliver fast promotion of a brand or destination and  see immediate results through social media and blog articles.

I am constantly on the lookout for relevant press/blog trip opportunities and the possibility of establishing mutually beneficial affiliate partnerships with companies who feel they would be a good fit for the site.

Trabajar con bloggers es una manera creativa de promocionar una marca o destino de forma rápida y ver resultados inmediatos a través las redes sociales y artículos de blogs.

Me encuentro constantemente a la caza de oportunidades de viajes de prensa/blog relevantes y la posibilidad de establecer una colaboración afiliada que resultaría mutuamente beneficiosa, con empresas que sienten que encajarían bien con el blog.

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Me at the summit of Mt. Trevenque, Monachil


I will display banner ads and widgets in my homepage sidebar or in a relevant post (to your product) which receives high traffic. My rates are reasonable and priced on a monthly basis.

Disponemos de anuncios de banner, widgets y anuncios con texto en una gran variedad de tamaños. Las tarifas son razonables y se recalculan todos los meses.

Sponsored Posts

I will accept sponsored posts providing that they are relevant to and align with the site’s subject matter and core values. That my opinions and recommendations remain credible is of fundamental importance, so I am very careful to only accept proposals for products or services that I would genuinely recommend.

I prefer to research and write all sponsored posts myself, though I will consider pre-written pieces so long as they fit with the style of the blog. If you feel you represent a company with a relevant product or service then please get in touch.

Se aceptarán artículos patrocinados siempre y cuando sean relevantes para los temas y valores fundamentales del blog. Es muy importante que mis opiniones y recomendaciones conserven su credibilidad, por lo que sólo se aceptarán propuestas de productos y servicios que genuinamente recomendaría.

Las tarifas de artículos patrocinados varian según la extensión, el número de enlaces y la autoría. En general, prefiero investigar y escribir cada artículo patrocinado yo mismo, aunque consideraré artículos previamente escritos siempre que cumplan con la línea general del blog. Si considera que su empresa,  producto o servicio puede ser de relevancia para los lectores de este blog, no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo.

Guest Posts

Guest posts from other bloggers who are trying to build their own profile are most welcome, providing the suggested content is relevant and the style geared towards my own. I suggest you have a read through some of my latest posts in order to get a feel for the general style before pitching any ideas.

 email: josh(dot)taylor65(at)gmail(dot)com

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Timer selfie at Plaza de Torros, Ronda


  • Reply Emma-Sarah March 12, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Hey Josh,

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Yes, I just commented on something else so apologies if you feel like I am spamming you!!! I am about to graduate and move to Granada to teach English (avoiding real life), I am doing a CETLA course in England this summer. Is there any advice you can give me? My three main concerns are:
    1. Finding a job that can support me. Are there enough teaching jobs for English graduate with CELTA courses that I will be able to get one do you think?
    2. Finding a flatmate. I don’t know anyone living in Granada and I don’t want to get stuck living with someone who I don’t get along with (in my first year halls I lived with seven of the messiest boys in the world and it drove me crazy!!). I don’t think I will be able to afford a flat on my own on a teaching salary. How did you meet your flat mate?
    3. Meeting people!!! As I said I don’t know anyone in Granada and I can’t really speak Spanish. Will I find it difficult to find a group of friends? I am incredibly social and find it hard to go more than a day without meeting up with someone!!!

    Thanks so much for all the information and advice on here!!!


    • Reply Blanca B. May 9, 2015 at 8:12 pm

      Hi Emma-Sarah,
      I live in Granada and I can help you out. Not sure if I’ll still be here by the time you arrive but I’ll try to help you as much as I can.


  • Reply Aplav April 21, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    Hi Dear,

    We are a culture exchange and youth travel organization and want to promote our Volunteering and Internship program in Spain .

    We have following programs for doing Volunteering in India & Sub-Continents (Nepal & Thailand)

    Volunteering with Elephant
    Volunteering with Kids
    Child Care Project
    Women Empowerment
    Specially Able Kids
    Medical/ Health Care
    Teaching Project

    International Internships in more then 26 Fields
    Social Development project and work

    please let us know Thanks 🙂

    • Reply Josh April 22, 2015 at 1:11 pm

      Hi. Please email me at the address indicated above and we can talk about this further 🙂

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