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The Great Spanish Cheap Supermarket Wine Face-off! (Part One)

It’s a common conundrum. There’s just so many. Which one to go for? Garish label with classic Castellano-style font hovering above arty wine barrel sketch, or label with chic, elegant stencil-style font with unpretentious white backdrop? Or neither? After all, any respectable bottle of wine shouldn’t cost anything less then €3 surely?

You’d be wrong. In fact, some of these €3 and under vinos rank among Spain’s tastiest, according to my wine-worn palate. And best of all, they can all be procured from just about any local supermarket! Licking your lips yet?

The top end stuff generally sells for around €6 or €7 but its hardly worth splurging on when there are so many just as agreeable options for half the price. That said, there are a few bad eggs to watch out for, but don’t worry, because that’s where I come in.

I, along with a carefully selected team of similarly self-assuming supermarket wine connoisseurs, will drink all that nasty stuff on your behalf (It’s ok – you’re totally welcome) in the hope of eventually being able to set the good eggs apart from the bad eggs, which in turn should yield a fastidious and highly reliable supermarket wine hierarchy (thoughts will be written down at the time of tasting so as to ensure that nothing is forgotten in the drunken state we are likely to find ourselves in).

But if we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it properly, and with a healthy dose of impartial interest. Therefore, I am asking YOU to nominate the candidates in the comments section below. I already have a few in mind, but am nevertheless willing to leave most of the decision-making to my small but good-sporting (you know you are) band of followers (please leave a suggestion or I shall feel most dejected). Such a grave event deserves the utmost respect and consideration, so I thought it only proper to have some ground rules in place. So here they are…

The Ground Rules

1. Each candidate must be red. Sorry, I just can’t stand white in any shape or form so if I were to drink any then my opinion would be null and void. This standpoint also goes for at least two other participants (I think).

2. Each candidate must be under €3. Any more expensive and it would not be considered cheap, relatively speaking.

3. Each candidate must be available from any of the following supermarkets:

  • Mercadona
  • Supersol
  • Día
  • Carrefour
  • Dani
  • Coviran

There aren’t any others within walking distance of my house, nor can I think of any more.

4. Only two wines per supermarket. This is a fair,  unbiased contest (although Mercadona is clearly the best).

5. All those taking part must not be drunk prior to the face-off. This shouldn’t be a problem on a week night but one can never be too sure with English teachers post-work parched expatriates.

And that’s it really. A date has not yet been set as it largely depends on how many suggestions are offered, but it will definitely take place this week.

So, dear, obliging followers, let the nominating commence!