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I spend more time reading than I do writing, and all of these blogs below are where I look to for a laugh, some interesting reading and inspiration for my own topics! Do investigate…

News & Expat-serving Blogs

The Olive Press Constant source of Spanish news in English. They work bloody hard here and they keep stories short and to the point. And I blog for them!

The Spain Scoop – My primary resource for within-Spain travel planning. Great site managed and incredibly well run by Nancy and Regina.

Expats Blog – An expat blog created by expats for expats. It doesn’t get any more expat than this. I expat you’re getting tired of me using the word ‘expat’. I’ll stop then.

Tenerife Forum – A great resource for anyone concerned with or interested in the ongoings and hidden gems of Tenerife and the other Canary islands. The forum section itself provides an excellent means of contacting residents of the island and sharing relevant knowledge and experiences.

It Rains In Spain – An thorough guide to Spain and its seventeen regions, with added in-depth information on current events, food, restaurants and hotels. As their tagline goes, it’s ‘everything you need to know in a nutshell’.

Other Expat in Spain Blogs

¡Hola Yessica! – Best Barcelona blog I’ve found in my relatively short blogging lifespan thus far. Covers culture, language, food and general travel.

Young Adventuress – Honest (sometimes brutally), original and tongue-in-cheek. This blog is one of my favourites. Though no longer in Spain, Liz’s knowledge of the country knows no bounds…

East Of Malaga – Award-winning blog that covers not only Malaga but a broad spectrum of topics with some fantastic photography, courtesy of Marianne.

Spanish Sabores – Mouthwatering foodie blog that never fails to make my stomach voice its hearty approval. Thanks Lauren.

A Lot Of Wind – Exceptionally good story-telling blog run by Graham. Great, captivating writing style.

Bibsey – Expat Mum blogging at its best.

La Tortuga Viajera – Travel and food based blog shouting from Madrid.

Graham In Spain – This guy REALLY likes Spain, and has spent time in both Madrid and Barcelona…

I Heart Mondegreens – Lovely blog ripe with tales of El Camino de Santiago and mouth-watering recipes.

Piccavey – Another Granada blog which is, admittedly, older and wiser than mine. Molly’s her name, blogging and PR is her game.

My Spanish Adventure – Definite favourite of mine this one. Warning: Do not click if you are offended by penis jokes. (Seriously though its a lot more than that…)

Scribbler In Seville – An absorbing and fanciful memoir of Seville’s ongoings.

Hola Matrimony – Newly wed living in my old neck of the woods El Puerto de Santa María. Good, honest writing with emphasis on food and travel.

Y mucho más – Recently wed American expat regales from Madrid. Always posts interesting stuff…

Expat Blogs in Other Countries

Ashley Abroad – One girl, based in France, trying to conquer Europe one step at a time. Really slick blog with some great posts and excellent photography.

Oui in France – Another smart blog chronicling expat life in France, the travelling opportunities within and anything you might care to know about dogs.

Megan Starr – American, Norway-based blogger travelling as often as she can.

Three Languages – I love all things language orientated and this Brazil based blog explores three of them brilliantly. Click to find out which!

Travel Blogs

The Caffeinated Traveller

Luxury Travel Digest

Travel and Tourism Guide

Wand The World

The Lost Backpack

Travel To Sun

Two Yuppies and A Passport

Holiday Vacations Guide

Single Travel Guide

South Eastern Cruises

Trip Hole

Blogs that make me laugh

The Life and Times of Nathan Bradley – This was the first blog I ever read after starting my own, thanks to the WordPress search engine which popped up with this after I typed ‘humour’. It’s still my favourite now. And it will be yours too if you appreciate topical, sarcastic and sharp-tongued writing.

Will PeachEgocentric, brutally honest and highly explicit, this so-called ‘anti-travel’ blog is hilarious from top-to-toe. Same man behind My Spanish Adventure, which, for its often crude nature, reads like a God blog in comparison. Click.

Tattooed Teacher – As a teacher myself, this blog often makes me chuckle. If you teach, or have taught before, a few of these tales are bound to make you do the same.

Language Learning Blogs

EmpowerLingua – Professional translation services in Spanish and many other languages.

Friendly Spanish – a Spanish language school in London for adults and young people that specialise in small groups and one-to-one classes.


Other useful services for expats

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Feedbacq is another great platform for linking reliable, quality international movers to people who are looking to move with minimal hassle.

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